"Stop overthinking everything. Just focus on what’s important."
Note to Self
"If I want to talk the talk, I’m gonna have to walk the walk."
Note to Self

It’s hard to be mature and hold off your emotions, when love drives you wild with irrationality.

I quit.

I quit.


Himmat nahi chorni, Waheguru tere naal ae.

Don’t ever lose your courage, God is with you.

Mama Jani’s words of advice before going back to the US
Old Town, Lublin, Poland 

It is absolutely beautiful here.

Old Town, Lublin, Poland

It is absolutely beautiful here.

Regret, Remorse, and Dirty Nostalgia…

I wish you could have been able to give me a real chance. Maybe that’s my one regret, that I will never get that chance to be with you… That’s what still holds me back.

I try to get my mind to move on but maybe it’s this one regret, and all of the remorse and dirty nostalgia that keeps it from moving along. But I will move on.

"I am scared."
Said the Lion

The Perks of Unrequited Love

No one knows as much as I do how hard it is to see the person you love with someone else. Thinking “that should be me” and “I would treat you so much better” while all you can do is be patient, supportive, and understanding and not interfere too much because it isn’t about you…as much as it hurts, it’s about them. Their happiness, their well-being.

Love is a Garden

Love is a wild garden
With bushes I will never trim
Even though the thorns draw blood
I imagine there is a reason why
I have to take the chance of getting cut
If I want to pick out roses
Love is a garden that is never cold…
Every apple is Adam’s
Bitten out of beautiful curiosity
Let love uncage your humanity
Let me engage your soul with this simple philosophy
In this age, we stare at images but forget our own imagination and creativity
Why can’t we just exist here in one place fully?
Anxiety hides, taking away my freedom and liberty…
Too many divisions,
Not enough smiles shared
Not enough peace in my mind
Not enough love in this garden
Not enough love in the fingers pulling triggers
In the sad lonely tears
High clouds of fears
Too many real-life monsters
Too young for this for that
Too much too little
Where is the balance
Where is the love
In your garden, my friend?
Are you wild? Are you growing wild?
Are you growing love, wild?

Love is a garden, dear friend
It is waiting for your water,
for you to welcome the gates to a visitor,
For your smiles and laughs to bounce from the grass to the satellites on the moon
Love is waiting for you to come back soon…

~Hopeless Intimacy

~Hopeless Intimacy

"I was born at sea,
But she
—She was the strongest storm I ever came across…”

I never imagined to be dancing to Indian music at a club in Poland…

I do believe Lublin won my heart this weekend when they played Bhangra music at the clubs and all us brown people went ham on the dance floor!

But the same night, it also broke my heart a little, when two Polish guys murmured “Arabs” and “ISIS” at me and my Indian friend…

Ignorance and acceptance exist everywhere though, and after experiencing discrimination in the US, where I was born and raised, I know not to expect anything less here in Poland. But yeah, as foreign as some things are, I think I’m slowly falling in love with this place. :)

~From the diary of a medical student in Poland

(Written in Epidemiology lab, when my professor’s Polish accent was too strong to hold my attention…)

Bury me with spliffs
But light up j’s alongside.
As my ashes fly
I want your wings to rise
Pick up a sunflower weed
And blow away every single seed
In a wish that one day
My soul will rest in peace
And my mind will be free
Of all disease…